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What is Photoluminescense?

Ultraviolet (UV) light has been known for decades to have a sterilizing effect.  Almost all bacteria can be killed by ultraviolet rays, but there is considerable variation in the rapidity of their destruction. This simple, inexpensive technique was shown years ago, to be a totally safe and an extremely effective method of treating and curing infections.  UV light promotes oxygenation and vasodilation. It also enhances body physiology and treats a variety of diseases by stimulating the body's immune system, thus enabling the light energy absorbed by the granules in the white blood cell to more energetically phagocytose (attack and engulf micro-organisms). 


The Nobel Prize in 1903 was awarded to a Danish physician named Niels Finsen for his work, known today as photoluminescence, also known as photo-oxidation therapy, hematogenous oxygenation therapy, extracorporeal photophoresis, or simply UVB (ultraviolet treatment of blood). We administer this therapy by using a simple device called a UVB instrument. The device is a hinged box-like vessel which contains a pair of ultraviolet lamps that give off intense ultraviolet radiation. The qualified operator draws 60ccs of the patient's blood which passes through a quartz cuvette (a 10 inch quartz tube with circular cross section that has plastic tubing attached to each end).  This cuvette is seated in the hinged box-like vessel. The blood is exposed to the ultraviolet light as it is withdrawn from the patient and through the cuvette while the UV lamps are activated. 


The blood is reintroduced into the patient's bloodstream after its exposure to the UV light. The entire treatment occurs within a closed venipuncture system, and takes about 30 minutes.

The exposure kills many types of organisms and stimulates the body's natural immune system. The patient might experience a mild detoxification effect that is a result of the body ridding itself of the dead organisms. The patient should drink plenty of water in the 24-28 hours following the treatment to aid the body in flushing itself of the "die-off" of bacteria, fungi, or viruses. 

What Happens As a Result of a UVB Treatment?

The energy from ultraviolet light is transferred to the blood and is stored in the granules of white blood cells. After the blood is returned to the body, the energized blood releases this stored energy, which is transmitted into every white blood cell.  This new energy stimulates many of the biochemical and metabolic processses that energize and improve body function. Infections due to virus, bacterium, and yeast generally are cleared up without the use of any other form of therapy. Body tissue, and wound healing is greatly increased by this added energy. The improved immunity has been shown to last up to 18 months.


Every cell, every molecule, and every atom in our bodies vibrates, expressing the energy it contains. The energies within us even radiate, and some people claim to be sensitive enough to feel energies and tell if a part, or all, of our bodies might be ill. Kirlian photography can measure this energy. When a Kirlian photograph is developed, one sees the aura, which surrounds our bodies. When we become ill, there is a loss of the aura/energy in the body; as our health improves, the aura/energy returns. All illness may be nothing more than a loss of body energy and this may well be the reason  illness disappears when energy is transferred into the body. 

How Often Should I Have This Treatment?

The frequency and number of treatments needed varies, depending on the condition being treated and its severity. 

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